Good morning text messages

It’s a beautiful morning, you are filled with energy. All you can think of right now is the love of your life.

Now you are wondering what can you do to make him feel happy as you are this morning.

Text messages are very powerful, because a nice word, phrase or expression can make one’s day beautiful.

For your text messages to be more effective it needs to be timely, accurate, simple and straight to the point.

Below is a list of beautiful messages you can send to your lover to make him feel good whenever he picks up his phone in the morning.

Good morning text messages for him

  1. Good morning my heart desire, all I can think about right now is me in your arm receiving a good morning kiss from you. Good morning my king.
  2. Am always filled with joy and happiness whenever it’s a new day because it makes me wonder what you’ll do today to make me feel so special. Good morning my prince charming.
  3. Being loved by you is the main reason I wake happily ever morning. Good morning my one and only.
  4. Whenever the sun rises in the morning all I think about is you kissing me down my neck. Good morning my prince.
  5. Thought of you kept me safe throughout the night, I can’t wait to be right next to you to feel secure throughout the day. Good morning cutie.
  6. Good morning babe. It’s a beautiful day. My plan for today is you. Whatever you are doing am doing. That’s how crazy I am about you.
  7. Having you as my man is beautiful, you are everything I’ve been searching for. Thought of you makes me smile each morning. Have a great day my love.
  8. Good morning my hero. Am in love with you, but am more in love with the person you’ll become in the future. I admire how hardworking you. Have a great day at work, my beloved.
  9. It’s a beautiful day baby and all I can think about is you having a wonderful day with me. Good morning my joy giver.
  10. Good morning my love, how was your night rest, I hope you slept well. I missed you so much. I can’t wait to hear from you when you are awake. I love you, honey.

Good morning love messages for him

  1. My darling, what I am thinking about right now is you. Am missing you so much and I need you right now. Any day without you isn’t fun at all, I love you so much, my prince. Good morning
  2. Good morning my love, my night was so cold without you, I need to be in your arms right now. That’s the only place I feel safe and secure.
  3. It’s a new day baby how was a  night rest I hope you slept well, I slept well too I’m missing you right now, I hope you have a wonderful day ahead I love you so much. Good morning beauty.
  4. Good morning handsome, good morning my heart desire, good morning my charming Prince, good morning my best friend, good morning my one and only, good morning my everything. Good morning good morning.
  5. Good morning honey. You’ve got the best smile anyone will die for each morning. You are handsome.
  6. Good morning cherish, the whole world is missing you already. Got up and make the whole world happy with your smile. Good morning cutie.
  7. Good morning my hubby, I love you so much, happy new day to you.
  8. Am grateful for life, but am more grateful for being able to be called yours. Good morning my love.
  9. I wish the night never ends so I could just sleep in your arms and dream about you forever. Good morning delight.
  10. Get up and smile and show the world what you mean to me. I love you bestie. Good morning.