How to create emotional bond with a man – Get him Addicted Fast

How to create emotional bond with a man – Get him Addicted Fast
How to create emotional bond with a man – Get him Addicted Fast

How do you get a man emotionally attached to you?

In this article, you learn all you need to know about How to create an emotional bond with a man. This tips are based on research among adults who are emotionally attached.

Whether you are single, dating, or married and you want to get someone emotionally attached with a man? this article is just for you.

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What are the five tips that get a man emotionally attached to you?

  1. Physical contact.
  2. Eye contact.
  3. Be intimate with each other.
  4. Intimacy and sex.
  5. Consider getting Oxytocin supplements.

To begin let us first need to understand what is attachment? In a relationship attachment is affection, fondness, or sympathy for someone or something.

After years of research, the theory of attachment theory was developed, it is a psychological evolutionary and ethological theory concerning relationships between humans.

Simple put attachment theory is a theory that explains human biological need to have a bond with another person.

With the help of this theory, it was discovered that humans are configured to choose for themselves who they can be emotionally attached too. That is when we are sometimes dependent on a specific person in times of emotional need.

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What makes this possible is a release of a special hormone called Oxytocin.

In this article, we will discuss how the release of this hormone can help you create an emotional bond with your man.

The release of Oxytocin can be triggered by physical touch, sex between partners, and orgasm and that’s what forms the emotional attachment between romantic couples.

When Oxytocin is released, it increases the emotional bonding between couples, for example, when there is a release of Oxytocin in the brain it increases the desire of love, bonding, intimacy, and sex.

Oxytocin is also responsible for the desire to be with someone even when the person is not around you. The bonding that results as the result of an increase in Oxytocin is what makes you stick to one partner and avoid the feeling of attraction for another person.

Scientifically, Oxytocin has been studied and the result of that study is fascinating, it was discovered that artificially administered Oxytocin is very effective, for example in recent research, men who were administered nasal Oxytocin viewed their romantic partners are more desirable attractive and the bond between them was stronger in a short period of time, men who were administered artificial Oxytocin felt uncomfortable when they were with other females, instead the felt more comfortable with their romantic partners alone.

Men who were administered nasal Oxytocin were noticed to have increased emotional bonds with the partners and were found to have less stress.

From this research, it was found without a doubt that Oxytocin can greatly increase the emotional attachment between couples.

What can you do to trigger the release of Oxytocin in your romantic partner?

How to create emotional bond with a man

How to get a man emotionally attached to you?

There are 5 important ways to create emotional bond with a man taking advantage of the hormones he releases.

  1. Physical contact

Physical touch is known to cause the flow of Oxytocin in your body, did you know? Handshakes, cuddling, and hugs can cause the release of Oxytocin in the brain.

Make it a routine to hug and kiss your partner when you wake up in the morning and when you are about to sleep at night, this great physical contact will cause Oxytocin flowing in you both.

When you hug or kiss, try to make it a good one, when you hug, hold your partner for about 6 to 10 seconds, this is enough time for your partner to feel your tenderness and warmth, after that look at your partner and smile. The benefit of this is that it will boost your mood and his mood and will increase the emotional bond between you two.

Oxytocin increase level by level, this means that physical contact should be an ongoing process throughout the day, this will help you increase the level of Oxytocin in your partner.

Do this by staying close to each other as long as possible, hold hands together, hug and kiss each other whenever possible throughout the day.

  1. Eye contact

From a recent study about eye contact, it was discovered that nonverbal cues from the eyes can affect your partner’s behavior and reaction. Simple put looking deeply into someone’s eye has been known to contribute to the release of Oxytocin the main hormone known to enhance bonding.

It is always said that the eyes are the windows to the heart. In other to create an emotional bond with a man you need to maintain eye contact whenever appropriate.

Also, an increased level of Oxytocin helps you and your partner to gaze longer at each other’s eye. When you are with your man, make it your goal to look into his eyes when he speaks or when you two are facing each other. The longer the gaze the more you create an emotional bond with your man.

  1. Be intimate with each other

When you two are seating at home on your couch wrap yourself around him, also when you two are lying down on your bed place your hands and legs around him. The idea here is to get more intimate with him.

Giving a massage is one way you can get more intimate, take turns in giving each other massages, did you know? Giving massage has a benefit for the person receiving the massage and also the person giving the massage. After a study on massages between romantic partners, it was found out that both partners had an increased level of Oxytocin in their brains.

You do not need to be a professional at giving massages, what is just needed is spending 15 to 20 minutes massaging your partner will increase the level of Oxytocin in you two the will increase the emotional connection between you two.

One of the benefits of getting more physical is that it helps to reduce stress, being physical also enhances the immune system and in all makes you and your partner more healthy.

  1. Intimacy and sex

Without a doubt, its a well-established fact that intimacy and sex cause men and women to release Oxytocin. And because of this, the emotional bond with your man increases. Women produce more of this hormone when they have an orgasm. And the more orgasms she gets the more she wants to stick to her man.

Other the other hand when a man has an orgasm he produces another hormone called dopamine, that is why after sex men are filled with pleasure while women crave emotional attachment.

If you want to increase his level of Oxytocin all you have to do is increase the amount of time you spend on foreplay before sex, the more hugging, kissing, and close physical contact the more you increase the level of Oxytocin in him. Quickie (quick sex) does not guarantee that he will be emotionally attached to you.

Before having sex, purposefully extend the length of your foreplay to increase his level of Oxytocin. Have as much physical contacting and kissing before sex.

  1. Consider getting Products

Without much guessing, you should already know what product we are talking about here.

Oxytocin product could be either nasal spray or supplement.

Stick the user guide when using products like oxytocin nasal spray, some couples who have used it said it’s preferable if both of you agree to use it. if you have understood how Oxytocin works, feel free to purchase one below.

We are not responsible for any damage that occurs if you purposely ignore the product’s warning.

Giving Oxytocin supplement to your romantic partner helps reduce their fears that of betrayal, from a study it was found out that Oxytocin supplement increase empathy in healthy men.

If you desire better sex life, Oxytocin can help you with that, researchers observed that Oxytocin improves sexual satisfaction an orgasm.

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