5 Signs You Are in a Relationship With a Jealous Person

Are you in a relationship with a jealous person?

Signs of jealousy

Did you know?  Experiencing some form jealousy can be healthy in your relationship?


When we notice that we stand a chance of losing our partner, the feeling of jealousy comes in and this is a sign of love, whenever a person is feeling some level of jealousy it shows that they value their relationship.

Dealing with a person who is too jealous, be it a man you know, your husband or your boyfriend can be frightening or terrifying.

Continue reading this article because we will discuss the difference between healthy jealousy and unhealthy jealousy, and signs that you are in a relationship with a jealous person.

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Relationship with a person who is jealous – a jealous man, jealous husband or boyfriend

What is the true meaning of jealousy? Jealousy is a state of suspicious guarding towards a spouse, lover, etc, from fear of infidelity.

As you can see from this definition of jealousy, a man may be jealous if he suspects you of doing something he does not like, or he thinks you might cheat on him. His attempt to guard you is what jealousy is. Sometimes Jealousy isn’t always bad.

But note this –

The feeling of jealousy is different from jealous behaviors. Jealous feelings may be caused by anything from anxiety to experiences from past relationships. Jealous behaviors on the other hand are caused by the need to dominate your partner, a jealous behavior is among the many signs of a narcissist because they want to control or dominate their partner. There is a big difference between a jealous feeling and jealous behavior.

Think about this scenario

You’ve been in a relationship with your man for about a year, and then someone starts making moves on you, expressing feelings and even tries to ask you out on a date, the feeling of jealousy will set in on your partner and that’s completely normal, your partner talking to you about it, is always the best way to sort things out, and you need to listen to him because he doesn’t want to lose you. But when there is no threat, no feelings attached, and this person isn’t trying to take you away from your partner if your man expresses jealousy, anger, or he threatens you, then you should know that this jealousy is motivated by possessiveness and the need to control you.

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Sometimes it may be very difficult to realize you are in a relationship with a person who is possessive and controlling.

Here are 5 signs you are in a relationship with jealous person, husband or boyfriend

  1. Your partner always wants to isolate you: Your partner always wants to have you to himself, although this may sound romantic, this may be a sign your partner is a jealous type. Missing you and wanting to spend every time with you can be sweet, but insisting that you only spend time with him is bad and unhealthy. How can you know he is trying to isolate you? If you tell your partner that you want to spend some time with your family or friend and he gets offended, you might want to explore this topic closely, because if you don’t, this unhealthy jealous can lead to an abusive relationship with little or no signs, pay close attention to this sign and make sure you talk about it when something feels wrong.
  1. He spies on you: Does your partner ask about your every move, is he always worried about who you are talking to, or does he monitor your social media activity? For example at the beginning of your relationship, you are surprised to find out your partner has already made a list of all your friends in your social media and even stalked them, if this happens then you know he is jealous and this type of jealousy is unhealthy. Also, if he sees a picture of you and your ex kissing, it is normal to feel jealous. But if he is so obsessed about your past, that’s unhealthy jealousy. Seeing how they behave around your friends, social media, and about your past relationships tells you a lot about how he will react in real life.
  1. He questions your motive of talking to someone: if he keeps asking you if you are talking to a new guy, then you know he is jealous. Guys who are jealous feel threatened when they get the sense you are talking to another person, they may begin to question if they are good enough for you, and a jealous person will always keep changing himself to see if he can get your attention, for example, he will always need your validation for everything in his life, dressing, haircut, etc. He wants you to shape him to what you want. His idea of doing this is so that you do not have any excuse for talking to another guy because he has shaped himself to what you wanted.
  1. He doesn’t trust you: a jealous person will always want to have a detailed account of your day even though he knows where you are and the people you are with. Being curious about your day is very normal, but when he needs more details than necessary, this is a sign he is serious jealousy. One easy way to know he doesn’t trust you is when he asks you questions in forms of accusation, for example, he may ask something like, why did you come back late today? I know you are talking to a new guy what is his name? Are you cheating on me? If your partner keeps throwing this kind of questions to you, then you should know he doesn’t trust you and he is jealous
  1. He stops you from doing things that make you happy: if your partner disapproves of your friendship with others and doesn’t want you to enjoy your hobbies then that is a sign of extreme jealousy. In other words, they are threatened by anything that makes you happy if they are not involved. In the beginning, this may not be very obvious, but as time passes you begin to sense these behaviors.  He may even make fun of your friend and hobbies. This is just a way to tricking you to spend all your time with him.

If any of this sign occurs once, then there is nothing you should worry about, jealousy when handled the right way can contribute to a healthy happy relationship. To achieve that you need to be open to having an honest conversation with your partner in other to discuss changes that need to be made so that the jealousy doesn’t destroy your relationship.

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If your partner recognizes his jealous behaviors and accepts responsibility, you are probably dealing with insecurity issues. Discussing this topic with your partner is the first step to understanding your partner and increased self-awareness.

But if any of this sign happens multiple times over a long period of time you should be concerned. Unhealthy jealous individuals will attempt to use evidence of disloyalty from an irrelevant incident, they will refuse to change their views when you show them the facts, and the will repeatedly accuse you of cheating with other individuals. In this form of jealousy, he or she wants and exclusive ownership of you, and he or she will threaten to leave the relationship if you are close to anyone else.

Everyone who is truly in love has experienced jealousy to a certain degree in their relationship. If you are scared of losing your partner, can be a sign that you care about your relationship. On the other hand when jealousy becomes excessive, abusive, unwarranted, then you know that’s unhealthy jealousy.

Unhealthy jealousy can be very destructive in a relationship, because it may result in assault, suicide, or homicide.

If you have had experience with a jealous partner, please share it in the comment, sharing a comment can go a long way to help someone else that is dealing with the same situation.

How to deal with a jealous person?

How to deal with jealousy in your relationship

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