Tips for mom contemplating dating

There is a lot of things involved in being a single mom, if you are a single mom, then you likely have an idea of what am talking about (kids, stress, work, and no emotional or physical support).

Are you a single mom? Do you desire to get into a romantic relationship with someone new? This article is exactly what you need.

The truth is, it isn’t always easy getting into a relationship when you have kids. It requires time, effort, and patience to get the right man for you.

When it comes to single parent dating, single mom usually face the challenge of finding the courage to put themself in a position where a potential mate will find them attractive.

To have a successful relationship as a single mom, you need to first make sure this is what you really want, you shouldn’t be coerced into a relationship when you are not ready. Approaching dating the right way will help you have a successful relationship.

Below are the top 10 best dating tips for you. Consider carefully how it applies to you and what changes you need to make to have a successful relationship.

Dating tips for single mom

Top 10 Dating Tips for Single Mom – Single parent

  1. Keep your past in the past

It’s easy to get into a new relationship feeling or assuming that what happened in your last relationship will repeat. To have a successful relationship you need to let whatever happened in the past to stay in the past.

Being positive is important when starting a new relationship. Insecurities, jealousy, and lack of trust are negative qualities that will only endanger your new relationship. To be more successful in a relationship you first need to do away with negative feelings while you give your new partner a chance to prove his worth.

It is very true that most men are not trustworthy and do not deserve you, but despite this, few can be trusted and need a chance to show their goodness. So rather than having the feeling all men are the same, take a little more time to get to know this new person very well.

Most importantly do not let what happened in your past relationship affect the word or actions you take, try to be better with each passing day. The more positive you are the more positive individual you attract.

  1. Have healthy mind, body and appearance

Men are naturally attracted to what they see. If you need men’s attention then you need to take care of your body. Women who show little or no care about their health and body will lose men interest.

Having a healthy mind is important, the way you think, talk, and express yourself may determine whether a man will find you attractive or not. To have a healthy mind you need to eat right and make sure you have a level of intelligence that is appropriate for your age.

Having a great body is as important as the way you groom. Your dressing well speak more about you. Wear neat and iron clothes only, you do not want to appear cheap and untidy. Try to look as beautiful as you possibly can.

Use nice smiling cologne, beautiful clothes, and neat hair. In as much as you make yourself look pretty take good care of your kids too.

Dressing half naked only attracts men, who just want to have sex with you, do not wear half-naked clothing just to get a man’s attention. The best men are attracted to women with self-respect.

  1. Put yourself out

There is no way you can get a man to notice you when you hide yourself, in other to be noticed, you need to put yourself out there, be social, go to gatherings where a lot of people will be found, use social media smartly, probably you may get noticed by a whole lot of potential mate.

It’s also a good idea to discuss this with family and friends so that you get the support you need whenever you need them. In most cases, they may help you pick the right man for you or give you a suggestion that may work best for you.

Do not limit yourself to people around your neighborhood, use online dating platforms to put yourself out there. Remember to let the man take the first move, you do not want to appear desperate else you would be taken advantage of.

  1. Control how much information you give out

Hold back as much information as you can, just to see if this man is really worth it. The more you get to understand how mature he is the easier he would be able to handle everything about you.

You do not need to bombard anyone with the story of your life as soon as you meet him, most men just can’t handle the pressure. So until you are sure he can handle it, you bring him into your life. At some point he would know you have a kid, you have to be prepared to handle this else he may lose interest since some men are not built to handle child responsibility.

You need to know how, when, and where you would introduce your kids to your potential mate, have a plan on how you would do this and stick to it. It shouldn’t be right at the beginning and also shouldn’t be stretched too far.

If you too have been together for little above a month or two and your instinct tells he is matured enough for you, then you need to tell him about the kids.

If you have older kids, you also have to talk to them about your new partner so that they don’t get confused about what’s going on.

  1. Rearrange what your priorities are

Misplaced priority has been that reason single moms fail in relationships. They reason that every other thing should be first and their feelings last. To be successful in the dating world you need to place your feelings at the right spot.

In most cases, you need to prioritize your emotional needs. One common mistake single moms make is not giving themselves the time they need.

Putting your kids first is a smart thing to do, but being a mom shouldn’t stop you from having your own life. Some single moms choose not to go into a romantic relationship until their kids have reached a certain age, although this may work for some, but others end up losing chances of having a beautiful romantic relationship because the waited too long.

  1. Understand what you really want
  2. Know what to expect
  3. Be wise
  4. Do not settle for less
  5. Take your time