5 Ways to make him want you – Control his Feeling

Does your gut tell you he is the one? Do you feel a special kind of happy feeling about him? There are just so many questions you need to make sure of before you conclude a man will want you.

Men are generally attracted to who the love and who loves them, what can you do to get all his love and affection?

Sometimes it is likely you want him so bad and you are scared that he may go for someone else. This feeling is completely normal. When we love and treasure someone we want to care so much about him, and we never want to lose them.

The thought of loving someone so much and watching him leave you or loving someone else can be disappointing, sometimes depressing. This thought has made some women scared of starting a new relationship. Sometimes ladies may feel they are not just good enough for love.

Recently it was discovered that men do not choose women based on “logical reasons”, but instead they choose a woman based on how much she is able to spark the feeling of love in him.

Relationship coach Clayton Max confirms this by saying, “Making a man want you isn’t always about the what action you are doing for him but instead how you are making him feel”. This is very true because no matter how you try to convince a man to be with you through your action he wouldn’t choose you over a woman who knows how to control his feelings.

Men are generally attracted to women who sometimes play hard to get with them. That is why you might do so many things for your man but he instead chooses a woman who has done nothing for him, because she knows how to control the way he feels.

When you try to force you man to love you, sometimes it bears no result. What should you do in this case? Stop whatever you are doing to make him want you, focus more on what will increase your value, and let him wonder what you are up to. To make a man want you, you need to be able to control how he thinks or feels.

When you are able to control or influence how he feels, he will want you, no matter how poor your character is. This is why some men may be attracted to prostitutes than a well dressed responsible woman. The reason is that one gives him a feeling of satisfaction more than the other. So the point is, whoever controls most of his feeling is the one he will choose.

How can you control or influence the way he feels, so as to make him want you? Read this article to the end if you want to know the Top 5 proven ways to make him have an intense feeling for you.


5 things to do to make your man want you more

#1. Take the long road

We live in a busy world where everything seems to move fast. And because of this, we feel there is no time to waste, so we take to short cuts to get to our destination as fast as possible.

Some women think sleeping with a man is the fasters to make him choose you, that is incorrect. In my own experience, the long road is the best way to get a man want you for a long term relationship.

What is this long road we are talking about? Being friends first is usually the best way to go, love is based on knowledge. There is no better way to know a person than being friends with them first. If you want a man to want you, he needs to know you and you need to know him too.

The reason why being friends is important is because it helps you understand what kind of person he is and whether or not he will be the right person for you. Sleeping with him as soon as you meet him will only make him do whatever he needs to do to sleep with you, even if he has to hide his bad characters, this is how some ladies end up dating someone who is a Narcissist, because they took the short road rather than the long way.

Taking the short road provides you little or no information about the person you are dealing with, and it always end in disappointment and regrets.

If you want to make him want you, you need to make him crave you, and you need to do this by denying him of physical intimacy at first.

Believe it or not, most men love it when you play hard to get, they perceive you as valuable, and they are more likely to do anything just to get you.

What if you have slept with him multiple times? Try to be scarce, get yourself busy, and let him try to figure out what he needs to do to please you.

Believe it or not, if you play your card just right, he will want to be more than just friends with you. He will take the needed steps and actions just to get you to become his own.

#2. Think before you speak

The key to any successful relationship is communication, but how you communicate determines if you will have a happy successful relationship or not. Many relationships suffer from a lack of communication when there are disputes.

If you want your relationship to thrive, you need to communicate more, even when this is a disagreement, talking about the issue as soon as possible, will help grow your relationship. If you want a man to want you more, you need to be smart about the way you speak. If there is a disagreement, think about what you want to say before you say it.

Your man will want you more if you use well thought out words with him, try using some compliment, you may think it doesn’t matter but honestly, it does, compliment your man about every single thing you notice about him.

Men are always cheerful when they are being recognized by their partner, remember not just any kind of words, make sure whatever you say is well thought out and you really mean it.

#3 Touch him the way he loves

Just as we love to cuddle and be touch, men love this so much, men can be turned on by just a single touch, so knowing when and how you touch a man can determine if he will want you or not.

As a lady make sure you are initiating most of the touching, when you are home with him, rub your hand around his chest or below his abdomen, the feeling your man will have will make him want you more. If you do this correctly he will guide you on how he wants to be touched.

When you are in public with your man, hold his hands firmly like you mean it, and if both of his hands are engaged, put your hand around his waist to make him feel you are guiding him. Men love this so much.

Whenever he smiles as a result of the way you touch him, match his facial expressions, if he laughs, laugh also. This will boost the bond you two have for each other. This will make him want you and he won’t be worried about going out with you. He will always want you by his side.

#4 Be unpredictable

#5 Let him choose